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Grid trading strategies have become very popular among traders as it provides a passive trading strategy that follows a predetermined set of instructions to open and close trades. And here is my first major negative criticism against the platform. The earn section only supports the BGB token at this time and there are only two products available, both of which are sold out.

With a credit card, Bitit limits exchanges to a maximum value of €1500 (around $1700) per week. Using the payment voucher or gift card options, this goes up to $2500 per week. Bitfinex is an advanced, veteran cryptocurrency exchange with a haunted past of hacks and allegations. The exchange is well-suited for advanced traders and also supplies the option for margin trading and lending. Apart from the investigation, we also provide step-by-step guides on how to buy BTC using Bitit platform and how to properly withdraw funds to your bank account.

  1. While you are then directed to the Bitit Dashboard, you will also receive an email notifying you that the compliance team is in the process of completing the identity verification.
  2. At least with our UK registered account, we could only choose to pay either by credit card, with payment vouchers Neosurf or Cashlib, or with a Bitit gift card.
  3. We also want to thank our employees, investors and financial partners who trusted us from the beginning.

Bitit even offers gift cards, so you could give your Granny the opportunity to buy her own bitcoins on Bitit as a Christmas gift if you like. Whereas Bitit allows you to buy small amounts of bitcoins with an unverified account, Coinbase demands full identity check prior to the trade. Another important distinction from Bitit is that Coinbase offers competitive fee structure, as you can buy coins for 1.99% using bank transfers and 3.99% with credit cards. In case of the credit card or TrustPay purchases, you will receive a receipt upon which you can track the transfer of bitcoins to your wallet address. The process is straightforward as you send your money and receive cryptos in return. Cash vouchers, however, need to be bought from the store on physical location near from you.

Do note that there are tiered limits in place for weekly purchases. Neosurf is a pre-paid voucher that can be purchased from an outlet with a face value that allows incremental purchases. Additionally, following the publication of France’s PACTE law of 22nd November 2019, Bitit is in the process of completing the necessary steps to become the 1st fully regulated platforms in France, under PSAN status. Bitit will give you the prevalent rate at the time of purchase and you also have the option to select Bitit’s pricing details for more details before any purchase. In order to purchase your preferred cryptocurrency, select the currency that you wish to purchase in and the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire.

Bitfinex Difficulties

It always feels as if they are hiding something without the ability to actually prove it. After looking hard at the ToS and FAQs, the only country explicitly excluded from using the services is the United States of America. Bitfinex was founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2012 by iFinex inc and it is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company initially started out as a P2P margin lending platform for Bitcoin only. Some of the founders and management of iFinex inc. are also related to Tether, the US pegged Stablecoin.

Bitget has a comprehensive customer support system, with 24/7 live chat support available in multiple languages. The platform also offers a helpful FAQ section and a knowledge base to assist users with any queries they may have. Bitget also offers a launchpad feature, allowing users to invest in promising projects before they are officially listed on the bitit review platform. This feature provides an opportunity for users to get early access to projects and potentially benefit from significant price gains. Bitit provides EUR wallets that allow investors to sell cryptocurrencies for Euros and to receive funds directly into the EUR wallet. Very easy to use service, verification of account and cards was very fast.

In order to further bolster security, users also have the option to set up a two-factor authentication (2FA) system by entering a Google Authenticator code. The procedure is straightforward and adds an extra layer of security to logins, withdrawals, and subsequent changes to other security settings. The agents were knowledgeable about the platform and products offered. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of chat support and the resources in the self-help section. It is clear that Bitget is a professional-grade trading platform, and a lot of thought and effort went into the design and usability of the platform. It worked seamlessly, was easy to navigate, the UI/UX was easy on the eyes, and I could not find fault with it.


The key difference between Gox and Bitfinex is that the latter made its clients whole. Although not all accounts were affected, Bitfinex made the decision to spread the loss among all its clients. Learn Profitable Crypto Trading and receive our free resources to master automated bot 🤖 trading strategies. I used Bitfinex in my early crypto days when the UI was simple, and there were no minimum limits to get started on it. It happened because attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in the multisig wallet architecture of Bitfinex and BitGo.

Who Is Bitfinex For

For withdrawals, investors can sell their cryptocurrencies on the exchange and receive EURs in their EUR wallet. Enter the details requested and you will then receive your purchased cryptocurrencies in the wallet provided. Select your payment method, add your wallet details and proceed to payment.

Vs Coinbase

They are spreading lies, and while Bitfinex has it’s own share of problems, none of them are the ones that these goofies are refering. If you’re going to leave a negative review, atleast make it look plausibly credible. Had an urgent issue and within the same day the email support resolved the problem. I also appreciate your helpful tips on using the Bitfinex reporting application.

As of now, one can buy cryptocurrencies in 50 countries using Bitit service. Creating a Bitit account is simple and can be done by clicking on the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the company’s homepage. You’ll need to give your first and last name, a valid email address and then pick a safe password. Agree to the privacy policy and terms of use then input your address, city, postal code, birthday and country of residence. Today, I got a $25K transfer from creativetrade .online to my Bitit wallet. For trustworthy crypto investments, creativetrade .online is a great choice.

Apart from Bitit, there are other exchanges offering similar services and payment methods that you should be aware of. These platforms differ in terms of fees, payment options and verification requirements. Thus, we made a short comparative analysis of LocalBitcoins and Coinbase, benchmarking Bitit in terms of before-mentioned important trade indicators. One of Bitget’s unique features is its copy trading platform, which connects beginners with professional traders to create a hands-off, gains-up experience. Users can examine elite traders’ portfolios and historical performance before subscribing to a trader’s strategy that meets their return and risk requirements.

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The main purpose behind the development of Bitit exchange was to deliver the users an easy access to buy and sell cryptocurrency exchange. At least with our UK registered account, we could only choose to pay either by credit card, with payment vouchers Neosurf or Cashlib, or with a Bitit gift card. Got this basic scam message straight from their own verified support email. Bitfinex supports wire transfers and card payments for funding the account.

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